John Haley - Karl Towns
Karl Towns of St. Joseph (Metuchen), with John Haley (Saed Hindash)

It is with great excitement and anticipation that I announce the upcoming launch of The Authority; a professional, innovative and unique website solely dedicated to scholastic sports of Middlesex County.

I have covered Middlesex County for close to four decades. The Authority will be a trustworthy source built on decades of knowledge and gathered history.

The best part is The Authority comes with an opportunity for each school to receive monthly financial support:

  • The Authority will be a pay site
  • The cost per subscription will be $10 per month (the first month will be $1)
  • For every paid subscription, The Authority will donate 25% of its proceeds each month to the individual subscriber’s school of choice within the GMC**


  • Game coverage. Video highlights, pictures and game recap (including junior varsity and freshman events)
  • Individual Team/School pages. All news which appears on the site will be archived and linked to team pages, which will also include school history, stats, etc.
  • Extensive blogging. The Authority will be blogging multiple times daily, keeping you up to date on GMC happenings
  • Videos. The Authority will feature highlight videos of regular-season and post-season games as well as special videos featuring coaches and athletes on upcoming events and tournaments etc.
  • Haley’s History. I will unveil the history I’ve collected over the last 37 years and present it regularly
  • Where are they now? The Authority will keep track of athletes who go on to compete in college and/or professionally
  • Contests. The Authority will feature contests throughout the school year with winning prizes
  • Special guest bloggers. The Authority will feature blogs written by athletes, former athletes, coaches, former coaches and administrators throughout the school year


  • A trusted daily schedule, Game of the Week, Predictions, Athletes of the Week, Stats, Standings, Top 10 polls, Reader polls, All County selections and more.
  • Coverage all-year round. News and notes for all sports will be reported all year round, not just during the months those sports are in season. The Authority will cover summer events, including The Snapple Bowl.

**On a regular schedule, The Authority will send a check to each eligible school. The total donation amount a school can receive will be limitless and based entirely on the number of paid subscriptions. And the great news is neither faculty nor students are required to solicit subscriptions; this is completely optional.

I am looking forward to your continued support in making this a successful venture for your school!

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