About The Authority

Welcome to ‘The Authority’, a unique website focusing on scholastic sports in Middlesex County.

I have been a sportswriter the past 37 years, covering Middlesex County sports for The Home News Tribune and The Star-Ledger. The newspaper business has changed dramatically over the years to the point where the print product is becoming a thing of the past.

So the idea of ‘The Authority’ is to provide coverage of Middlesex County sports as they happen through social media outlets, blogging, videos, fan interaction and good old-fashioned reporting, keeping you up to date on what’s going on as things happen.

‘The Authority’ is a site dedicated to the past, present and future of Middlesex County sports.

  • Past: Having collected history of the county over the past five decades, the site will look back on the athletes and coaches who made it special and we will present a feature called ‘Where are they Now.’ We’ll be looking back at championship games and teams, special moments in time and plenty of history lessons.
  • Present: ‘The Authority’ will provide game coverage, feature stories, standings, stats, schedules, fan polls and plenty of blogging and videos dedicated to the current school year before, during and after the games are played.
  • Future: ‘The Authority’ will be provide coverage of Junior Varsity and Freshman events, giving you a glimpse into the future and a look at the athletes and teams to keep an eye on.

In closing, ‘The Authority’ is a fun, entertaining and interactive site, but at the same time, we will examine the important issues and provide hard-hitting news on subjects concerning high school sports.

– John Haley, President of ‘The Authority.’